Males please keep your crap,the world has it’s own..

I mostly wonder

What Indian males are up to?imagesEDFJH25M

Do they think the respective opposite sex will hoover after them when they are done with their work?


Do they think this entire world is the restroom for performing their work?

VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM is a Sanskrit phrase which means “The whole world is one family” which is absolutely misunderstood by males.Please let them know this family is an exception which may not compromise with your art anyhow.This family members may not love you and can degrade you at any level/time.

But males are an exceptional case for this,they have been treated like kings from very long and there work is getting ignored since then.The work I have been talking about since long is the males initiative to cover the drought prone areas.They pee in every nook and corner of our horizon where they feel like embarrassing every female near-by.

This country can go nowhere with their phlegm and snot around and keep resonating in scenario till eternity.I know this will cut-down half of my male visitors because rarely people are allowed to point out their ego.Media have been continuously mentioning about rapes and subjugation done by men but the basin truth have been rarely showcased.

It’s true that our country government does not provide public restrooms,if they do then rooms are not in a condition to use. However, you will end up getting disappointed.But still our country is not that degraded where the majority is making a way for it.The only thing authorities can do is to provide paid restrooms for public so that they can be maintained and obviously we are not going to pay a tax for this too.But there are people who are reluctant to pay due to few bucks earning,for this awareness and literacy is mandatory.

I already knew these few words may make no difference and probably no one will look a way for this like males don’t before spitting the crap out. So,males please stop embarrassing the so called family of yours where no one will compromise ending their lives with your act.


how long about we girls have to be ignorant before start experiencing the bliss?

Trophies, "And this one's my wife."

p.s.I know some males don’t, but a majority is still left…