Lord KRISHNA: our world is you.


  Lord Krishna’s foster mother YASHODA ,was startled when she looked into the mouth of her son (as his friend complained that he swallowed sand) and found that the entire universe was visible.

     “O Jara, you were BALI  in your previous birth , killed by myself as RAM in tretyayug here you had a chance to even it and since all acts in this world are done desired by me you need not worry for this”..

MAHABHARATA narrates the story of a hunter who mistakenly shot an arrow which hit KRISHNA while meditating and said the words above. KRISHNA disappearance marks the start of kaliyuga which means vengeance, subjugation of women, denigration of poor, reverence for rich but among all these lies the pristine presence of KRISHNA more than our gadget wallpapers and screensavers.

      Like some sanctum santorum Shri banke bihari temple in Vrindavan (town of mathura district in Uttar Pradesh) in which KRISHNA’S images beautified by neon colour garbs, halo, flute and other assorted jewellery with his belovent RADHA. They together picturise eternal love and a curtain is drawn in front of the image as people loose their conciousness after an ample look.


     Another one is Nidhivan temple popular for the late night raasleela’s of KRISHNA with gopi’s(milkmaids) of vrindavan, people are not suppose to look at their acts as some antecedents reveal that people become dumb, deaf or dies in such situation. The proof’s are the half eaten food and the scattered jewellery.


       In our country instead of fairytales like rapunzel and cindrella, childhood stories by our grandmother use to be of KRISHNA’S birth, which starts with Lord VISHNU, who descended into the womb of DEVAKI. DEVAKI and her husband was imprisoned by her brother king KANSA as a result of a forecast that his sister’s eighth son KRISHNA would kill him. When KRISHNA was born he was taken out of the prison to be raised by his foster parents NANDA and YASHODA in GOKUL and is widely celebrated as JANMASHTAMI. The entire week includes preparations of decorating temples, observing fasts and plays in some areas. 

images (4)

      On his return to MATHURA as a young man, KRISHNA overthrew and killed his maternal uncle, after numerous assassination attempts from KANSA’S followers. He reinstated KANSA’S father, UGRASENA, as the king of the YADAVAS and became a leading prince at the court. After witnessing, people following the path of adharma to set an example and let people know the essence of KARMA. He become charioteer of ARJUNA (prince of the KURU kingdom) in the KURUSHETRA war and helped ARJUNA to defeat KAURAVAS, the miscreants.

           KRISHNA’S presence will always be a riddle as he said “To deliver the pious and to annihilate the miscreants as well as to establish the principles of religion, i myself appear, millenium after millenium”

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P.S…..KRISHNA, you make people fall in love with you….








The story of descent of GANGA on this earth starts with a sage KAPILA, whose intense meditation disturbed by the 60,000 sons of king SAGARA. Kapila,due to anger reduce them to ashes, only the water of GANGA can bring them salvation. A descendent of these sons bhagiratha undertakes penance and was granted the prize of ganga’s descent from heaven. However; since her turbulent force would also shatter the earth. Bhagiratha persuades Shiva to receive GANGA in the coils of his tangled hair and break her fall. GANGA descends, and is tamed in SHIVA’S locks and arrives in himalayas.

   That’s the story in our VEDAS about descending of GODDESS GANGA from heaven to earth and for her maintenance billions have been spent already still you would be startled, if you witness the amusement of devout pilgrims cum tourists, in the river GANGA submerging themselves into the river approx 10,000 at the same time in the extreme sun. Kids clinging over each other as if in water park. Uncles in their 60s mouth washing and nasal discharging into the same, women in 70s who cannot walk upto a distance of changing room, change their wet clothing on the ghats itself. Men’s gazing girls with their very obvious hawk look from the corner of their eyes.images (1)

   Everything dovetails with another scenario where men paying homage to their ancestors and GOD, by offering flowers and diyas filled with oil. Hindus bring ashes of the deceased person to let flow into the river for salvation. All types of colour, creed, caste and gender in the same flowing water. After looking at this scenario you would cringe like me to even touch the river and take blessings from the GODDESS.ganga0106

    I guess people are not aware about the holy, pristine river whose single touch can neutralize your sins, provides salvation to the dead. Somehow manages with the discharge of sewage and million tonnes of the untreated discharge everyday from tanneries and industries. 

   GANGA, the most pristine river in this world, worshipped as a goddess. Ganga, is a transboundary river of ASIA which flows through INDIA and BANGLADESH. The GANGES begins at the confluence of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda at devprayag(himachal pradesh), which rises from gaumukh (cow’s snout) and from snowmelt of NANDADEVI,TRISUL and KAMET respectively.Through the narrow himalayan valley, the GANGES emerges from the mountains at RISHIKESH to the gangetic plain at HARIDWAR where the above mentioned scenario can be witnessed daily.

           But to improve the scenario the current government of INDIA has taken an initiative NATIONAL GANGA RIVER BASIN PROJECT in which ministries like surface transport, shipping, tourism and water resources is suppose to work hand in hand with the issues of tourism, cleanliness, creation of banks, embankments, canals and dams. It’s distribution of water will be overlooked with the untreated waste from industries.article-0-15266D3E000005DC-192_634x476

I guess not only this, but the ghats must be maintained as per the requirement. The proper restrooms must be provided and drinking water availability as well. Eve teasing cases are very common on the ghats, security must be implemented.

      People themselves must be concern about the serenity, aesthetic nature of the river in tandem with maintaining their faith as well as their posterity because a single touch can also neutralize their sins.

P.S. Our country consists of exuberant water parks have a look there too and forbid the river.  GODDESS “BLESS OUR COUNTRY”…


Say NO to Collegium system of INDIA


Collegium system in our country started in 1993 after the supreme court judgement. It is a judgement under which appointments and transfer of judges are decided by a forum of Chief justice of INDIA and four senior most judges of supreme court.

         INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS has promised that the judicial appointment bill will be a part of our constitution. The constitution bill 2013 was passed by the Rajya Sabha on Sept 5,2013.

It seeks to replace the collegium model of judicial appointments with JAC. In order to make it a law it needs to pass through-

passed by each house….

it also requires to be ratified by the legislature of not less than one half of the states.

assent by president…


The bill gives JUDICIAL APPOINTMENT COMMISSION the powers to appoint judges to the SC and high court.The bill introduces a new article 124-A to constitute a JAC for the appointment of judges of higher judiciary. JAC consists of six members – Chief justice of INDIA, two most senior judges of supreme court,law minister and two most eminent citizen appointed by collegium(PM,leader of opposition in Lok Sabha and Chief justice of INDIA).

Although, the Constitution bill 2013 was passed by the Rajya Sabha to become law, the said amendment has to be passed by the 16th lok sabha , legislatures of the state and President.

Considering the example of UNITED KINGDOM, candidates for judicial office are selected by JAC. The selection by JAC for high courts is based on merit of open competition among candidates. So, after interviews list and checking of financial, criminal and professional background checks are carried out. The commission makes the decision and recommend to the appropriate authority (lord chancellor, lord chief justice or senior president of tribunal) for the final decision which seems more unbiased, fair and open.

And moving over to collegium it’s inherently impossible for the collegium judges to personally know everything about all the eligible practising members of the bar.

Our new CJI RM Lodha said that he did not agree with the idea of having fixed tenure for chief justices and favoured continuing with the collegium system. He is heading the bench which is monitoring CBI probe into coal scam.

P.S. its been more than 60 years of independency and still we cannot decide the best for our constitution.


Wendy Doniger versus Indian Mythology


    Wendy Doniger O’ flaherty is an American Indologist and a scholar of Sanskrit and Indian textual traditions. She graduated summa cum laude in Sanskrit and Indian Studies. Her phenomenal work includes :

  •                HINDU MYTHS: A SOURCE BOOK


Doniger’s trade book,THE HINDUS: AN ALTERNATING HISTORY was published by Viking/Penguin. This book has received accolades from literary festivals from India and abroad.
She is maverick, brilliant, witty and has extra-ordinary writing skills. Readers have a special penchant for her work albeit her work seems to be blasphemous and derogatory.
Some points from her book which represents blasphemy:

she mentioned Ramayana as a work of fiction.

the author calls the Hindu God Surya as seducer and rapist.

The book seems to convey that Sita, wife of Lord Rama was in lustful relationship with his brother Lakshman.

The book quotes Lord Rama and his father Dashratha as perverse and driven by lust.

New work which is set to release are :
SIVA: the erotic ascetic
the God who committed adultery with his own Goddess.
the levirate , Hindu style.
She manipulates Upanishads and Vedas in a different manner which is criticised and applauded as well. She quotes about the representation of Shiva through a phallus known as Linga; { the linga in his physical sense is well known throughout India, a signifier that is understood across barriers of caste and language}.

Her book the Hindus:an alternating history was withdrawn and pulped by Penguin India at the behest of Shiksha Bachao Andolan. Referring to section 295A of Indian Penal Code which criminalises ” delibrate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings of any class of citizens”.


In response to this Penguin said that these rubrics make increasingly difficult for any Indian publisher to uphold international standards of free expression. Moreover, Doniger mentions Indian laws as intolerant and restrictive.
I wonder people and publications require freedom to belittle almighty..
Doniger too stated that “they were finally defeated by the true villain of this piece – the Indian law that makes it a criminal rather than a civil offensense publish a book that offends any Hindu, a law that jeopardises the physical safety of any publisher, no matter how ludicrous the accusation brought against a book”.

P.S. God forgive them..

UKRAINE:in utter pain



UKRAINE, a country (unitary state) in EASTERN EUROPE, composed of 24 provinces, capital and largest city KIEV and an autonomous republic CRIMEA, but sovereignty over CRIMEA is in doldrums and is in de facto control by RUSSIA.

           RUSSIAN President Vladimir Putin signed into law documents that officially made the black sea peninsula part of RUSSIAN TERRITORY. A REFERENDUM was held , CRIMEAN lawmakers voted in favour of RUSSIAN FEDERATION although UKRAINE and its WEST allies claimed that they were tutored since RUSSIAN troops had besieged CRIMEA already.

RUSSIA’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedov on his visit to Simferopol(capital city of CRIMEA) said “people in CRIMEA must not lose anything after joining RUSSIA, they must only make gains”. Seems like this annexation will be a chicken soup for the citizens of CRIMEA. As PM too mentioned to boost salaries and pensions for the people of CRIMEA and pour in funds to improve education, health care and employment.

    US secretary John Kerry in a meeting with his RUSSIAN counterpart Sergey Lavrov asked to remove the military troops from UKRAINE’s border and expresses that MOSCOW plans to seize south-eastern parts of UKRAINE that are home to large populations of ethnic RUSSIANS. On the contrary, Lavrov suggested that UKRAINE should transform itself from a unitary state to a federation of its state.

    Seems like a start of another cold war US and its WEST allies suggest that MOSCOW must not aim for even more territory in UKRAINE. US also planning

  • to suspend bilateral ties with RUSSIA on trade and investment.
  • putting on hold US-RUSSIA military engagement including exercises, bilateral meetings, port visits and planning conferences as well as agreement with G-7 nations to suspend time being participation in activities associated with preparation of G-8 summit in SOCHI (RUSSIA).

  US BANK JP Morgan blocked transfer of funds carried out by RUSSIAN envoy and MOSCOW threatens US for vengeance. Infact EUROPE’s dependence on RUSSIA for the gas supplies may suffer.

  US may be designing retribution for RUSSIA. CRIMEA is not a member of NATO’S(NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANISATION) {the organisation constitutes a system of collective defence whereby its member states agree to mutual defence in response to an attack by external affair} but many countries like POLAND were in favour of CRIMEA. NATO claimed that it would suspend “all practical, civilian and military cooperation” with Russia in response to its annexation of Ukraine’s southern Crimea region, which has triggered the worst East-West crisis since the Cold War.

   Although our country attempt may be counter productive as the World needs RUSSIA’s support in handling international issues like Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

P.S. GOD please impart wisdom to superpowers.

all thoughts are based on news feed and doesn’t have any harsh attitude towards the country or person mentioned above.

INDIAN railways; tacky tracks of development


         Have you ever been to any of the INDIA’s railway station hitherto?

                                               if you havn’t then you are the most luckiest person on this planet and if you are planning for expeditions via tracks which i am going to glint upon,then may be you would end up cancelling your reserve seats.

        this may not effect much of our country’s economy due to few viewers of my page.


        starting from the very ending, before boarding your train(actually one needs to bump into people to enter it) you will have to wait for it, looking at the very exact timings mentioned in the big digital.

                  For waiting you may even need to rest your derriere on suitcases or bags due to the seats occupied by a fraction of 1.27 billion population. Mosquitoes during dark and flies in daylight may haunt you in 3D may be due to the unrecognizable sputum among the betel spat.

       The lavatories which you dare to use may be life threatening, people defecate wherever they feel like, noxious smell cannot be neglected for seconds though. People in groups or alone roam much more helplessly than jobless candidates.


                   The mellifluous announcements about departure and arrival of a particular train cannot be configured due to the interruption by the same fraction of people. Around 1.6 million people work in railway department of our country and is ninth largest commercial or utility employer.

Our country cannot get through people urinating, defecating, gargling, spitting in open . Wrappers of every eatable can be found, the dustbins which are kept open at miles dovetails with flies and its other random species. 

      You may not sleep in trains because maximum number of people after 40 snore and kids below 4 weep or may be due to 24 hours service by marketeers promoting their products. You may too doubt the bed bugs in your seats and engineering behind the upper berths and when it comes to lavatories, you may feel like miss Pandora opened her box of evil.


             but that doesn’t mean all are mephitic and noxious ones, GOD forbid some are really luxurious like Maharaja express, Deccan odyssey, Palace on wheels seems like heaven on trains.

     Pawan kumar bansal, ex- railway minister was involved in 10 crore cash for post delivery scam in his entire span and the current Mallikarjun kharje must stay away from the departmental effect to heed over the health department of his trains.

                    Tourism plays an important role in the improvement of our economy and so does we but that doesn’t mean we will pick up broom sticks or vacuum cleaners and start hoovering around.Image

           P.S. rest in peace all dirt, germs,flies,mosquitoes and rodents so that we can breathe in something fresh.


why do you read?



I read to laugh

                        i read to cry



                i read to know the person i cannot be…

i read to overcome boredom…

       i read to be generous… 

i read to be the better person i can be…

                 i read to snub glitches..

i read to plan my own pitches…

            i read to know where GOD hides…

i read to know where hell and heaven lies..

          i read to know the species around..

i read to know “why gender bounds?”

         i read to know “why money burps?”

i read to know “why love hurts?”

                                                       i read for expeditions..

                                                             i read to reach expectations..

                                                       i read to be free….

                                                                  P.S. i read to be me…


the undesigned destination..


imagine you are spending time with your beau under a laurel and you get attacked by the crow’s faeces or got sting by honeybee or your dad caught you . This may not sound that much bad than standing in the middle of the extreme flowing water when you genuinely don’t know swimming , in that case 

             may be you will get trained in swimming in the same span and come out with water dripping out from every atom of your body ,shivering and teeth chattering still contended with chest and ribs all ready to come out with pride .

   may be GOD would send an angel obviously muscular ones to hold you and get out of the situation …

or you may end up giving up your life…

i read somewhere..

life is like the life of an acorn(fruit of the oak tree),which falls out of a great oak.The only way you can bloom into a great oak is if you don’t live under its shadow.So, the acorn should fall so far away that it can bloom into an oak tree itself…

life sometimes seems to be badly entangled much more than your charger , ear piece and other wires in your bag would be and sometimes as if pranks, friends,guffaws have been peeled off from it especially when it comes to taking some mandatory decisions.

    you may get poked by your parents,acquaintances and colleagues about your unpredictable future even getting instances of those who did wonders sometimes very near and sometimes much more far away than Antarctica may seem.

one may start abominating and rebuking every alternate thing and spoil your present in predicting future but somehow one can design it and work for it bereft of worrying about results since there are billion of things to get distracted and attracted to like social networking ,gossiping,surfing and other denumerable -ings .

  truly said..       BE smart and be wise…

                                live life king queen size…( remember u reading a female blog).

providing it technical texture….

everyone’s life is like that of an electron present in valence band of the semiconductor ,which needs an optimum potential voltage to cross the energy barrier and move to conduction band to recombine with the destined holes and creates a space..

there must be something destined pending what we need is just an honest endeavour …

everyone and everything is suppose to contribute to this world and so you are…Image




anonymous diary entry 2 …

the first part of diary entry @ https://shefalithegirlnxtdoor.wordpress.com/2013/04/17/anonymous-diary-entry/



same lust, same accused,same wounds,same cries,same evaluations and the same me seems like all this resurrects every time it ends.

it’s been more than an year seems like again my story has become the centre of this earth from tabloids to newspapers to magazines to internet to group discussions to parents concern that this may happen to their daughters as well so to circumvent their posterity by security.

they don’t let them wear what they want to…

don’t let them move out on any tick of a clock…..

because its bit difficult actually impossible for males to have control over their hormonal department even they have their immortal chauvinism in pockets in heaven too.

      i still live at 125th street because the view of the place i used to live is bit clear from here. 

I thought i may be the target of archery for the change from molestation to freedom but that was so impractical thought of mine among this vicious circle of males.

I inadvertently and suddenly lost such a beautiful world the only thing i regret to lose is my mom ….

i can feel every tear of yours
i can smell every food u make
i yearn every moment to hug u once
i can count your cries and sleepless nights
i knew every time the door knocks you expect me..

and really hold a grudge against God atleast he would have given me an indication or would have taken my consent but since i am having a vigil it bit contends me because this place has metamorphosed into a land of rapists
from a stare to comment
from a comment to eve teasing
from eve teasing to molestation….
there acts are being jotted down and still they think themselves as therapists thats really ludicrous.

CHITRA in Tagore’s play said at the last..I am Chitra. No Goddess to be worshipped, nor yet the object of common pity be brushed aside like a moth with indifference .If deign to keep me by your side in the path of danger and daring,if you allow me to share the great duties of your life ,then you will know my true self.
are we girls born just to compliment and complement males?



This is one of the article from my profound surveillance during travelling. I have not been to abroad hitherto so with respect to INDIA, poverty standards are miles behind the usage or even awareness of mobile phones, couture of GUCCI/VERSACE/PETER ENGLAND or other denumerable brands. If I put a glint over girl power, which cannot be underestimated ever if contended by skin (lightening, brightening or blushing) products like OLAY,PONDS,LAKME dovetailing  with high-lightening products like MAYBELLINE/ELLE18. But apart from all features, I saw a girl whose hair never had a spa or in fact combed as every strand was badly entangled with another. The pale eyes which were not made colossal by liner or mascaras but were calm, un-contended and seems like yelling-

I am contended towards what I have but the world forces me to desire for more.

The skin which does not require any SPF protection but the warmth touch of few bucks. She was holding a vessel containing few coins which can hardly buy one day meal and the visible nails badly manicured with the accumulated dust and any sanitizer cannot do wonders. Her summer attire in extreme winters made me shiver one could not configure the color of her mired clothing which was stitched from different angles just to avoid any kind of exposure. Her footwear darned badly just to make it last longer, may be a bit more longer than we would think. She was roaming helplessly all around the area, not noticing any creature around just to overflow that vessel.

May be for the younger siblings at her home or the mother who would be anxiously waiting for those bucks rather than her to feed the entire family. The age in which she would be holding a book was replaced by that vessel. Everywhere we can witness such kids contributing for the bread and butter of the family. This picture of our country needs to be changed which is actually difficult but not impossible task.

I wonder whom to blame for this status of the girl whether the not so good governance of INDIA or her family which does not have/know any other option except this or the people like me simply looking/observing her. I wish every such person gets the justice.

P.S. More Power To The Girl.