Embrace the art of being an average!!

Pyar me junoon hai,dosti me sukoon hai(lines from stereotypical bollywood drama), so the sukoon which writer mentions in dosti is the same which i am talking about or generally talks about.

It’s okay to be an average or not to have a plan. Eventually,  plans once executed may not appear the same as itinerary.

It’s okay if you look into a mirror and see contentment in your eyes.

It’s okay not be on top until and unless you are not repressed.

Life of an impatient average who wants to go to ground is like –

when one hops on the elevator which is moving up in hope that eventually it will reach their destination too. So,Its like one has to keep going rather than standing still.

But it’s okay not to have your brows wrinkled. Lately you will end somewhere where it’s meant to be,all you need is groin and a grin.

So, the pros of this art is that you can mould the best in your way and never put “the best is yet to come” on social media. And the cons umm?? i can’t figure it out yet.

I  never have had a plan this year rather than a New year Goa plan which is  not happening so i will figure a way to mould my resentment into something positive.

All i can plan is the shopping list for next sale. I think i have figured out the cons of being an average and it din’t take long;)