Psychology of INDIAN Males.

Since I write quite often about males, people think that I am quite cynic about them. And somehow my fans (yeah!they do exist) have been liking the truth, actually the very truth which I write about them. So, one of my fan suggested me to write the psychology which I find is true about males. Let’s start with the kind of males I meet or get to see in the entire day of mine and let you decide the psychology.

morning:  Autowallahs generally con me and let me get down from the auto a bit prior to my destination, without mentioning his way, when I board the auto. He would be badly sweating and asking everyone to adjust so that maximum number of people can fit in. He will ask males to accompany him on his seat, ignoring his and other sizes.

While commuting through auto, I get to see males ignoring the world around in formal wears with earphones, sometimes listening to music or their girlfriends. I should not forget the traffic policemen standing in extreme sun (without umbrella/sunglasses/scarfs) and making people understand the way by pantomime. Also the males sleeping on the bus stop, may be due to the last night hangover or the dominance of his wife, who did not let him in the house. Oh! how can I forget the bus drivers, who drives so passionately like a kid skating in the verandah of his home, oblivion of the world around, as they won’t stop for more than a second on the bus stop.

noon: Till noon when mostly girls get fed up with the work and starts going through shopping portals, the guys seem to be working so hard in my team. And in the fraction of a second they try to solve the issue anyone might be going through.
While going through newspaper, at one page I read the assault done not only to women but to the men too and on the next, I read about the PM of our country, deliberately improving bilateral relationship with other countries.

evening: And again the time comes to face the male dominance. While departing, majorly I could see guys on bikes with their female pillion passenger, this scene i see rarely in the morning. May be because evenings are more pleasant and romantic.

night: i must not forget my buildings guard uncle, who make sure about every girl coming on time.

So, it’s the time to conclude the psychology, which I still find difficult to write. Because this conclusion includes all the males ie my father,brothers,friends and uncles. At the back of my mind, I always remember the affection, security and love they bestow on me.

Henceforth, it is a mind boggling task. Kindly conclude yourself;)