Cheers!! three years to you…

It’s been three years I have been blogging and it seems like yesterday to me. People are quite cynic about blogs and especially if one doesn’t earn from it.


But it’s true, bloggers do create an identity in this world or in some other world like me where my die-hard fans anxiously wait for my updates.;)))

But I probably cherish these three years of blogging. Although I have not entirely devoted my days to this. Infact for the past six months I was completely inactive but I am back with my blog this time to celebrate many more years of blogging.

When writing becomes a part of your life it’s impossible to get rid of it. Eventually,I don’t get time to blog as per the increasing age of my blog.But I still try to configure the maximum out of this.


This picture displays the reality where sometimes you doesn’t want it and simultaneously cannot get rid of the vicious circle of blogging . Working in a software company is making my dictionary lack of words because somehow it teaches you an expression of programming. Glaring your puckish eyes all day on the computer makes you do the things like the fellow below.


I would end this by saying..

happy birthday my blog . Many more years and power to you. Hope everyone fells in love with you after reading.

keep blogging…!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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