Lord KRISHNA: our world is you.


  Lord Krishna’s foster mother YASHODA ,was startled when she looked into the mouth of her son (as his friend complained that he swallowed sand) and found that the entire universe was visible.

     “O Jara, you were BALI  in your previous birth , killed by myself as RAM in tretyayug here you had a chance to even it and since all acts in this world are done desired by me you need not worry for this”..

MAHABHARATA narrates the story of a hunter who mistakenly shot an arrow which hit KRISHNA while meditating and said the words above. KRISHNA disappearance marks the start of kaliyuga which means vengeance, subjugation of women, denigration of poor, reverence for rich but among all these lies the pristine presence of KRISHNA more than our gadget wallpapers and screensavers.

      Like some sanctum santorum Shri banke bihari temple in Vrindavan (town of mathura district in Uttar Pradesh) in which KRISHNA’S images beautified by neon colour garbs, halo, flute and other assorted jewellery with his belovent RADHA. They together picturise eternal love and a curtain is drawn in front of the image as people loose their conciousness after an ample look.


     Another one is Nidhivan temple popular for the late night raasleela’s of KRISHNA with gopi’s(milkmaids) of vrindavan, people are not suppose to look at their acts as some antecedents reveal that people become dumb, deaf or dies in such situation. The proof’s are the half eaten food and the scattered jewellery.


       In our country instead of fairytales like rapunzel and cindrella, childhood stories by our grandmother use to be of KRISHNA’S birth, which starts with Lord VISHNU, who descended into the womb of DEVAKI. DEVAKI and her husband was imprisoned by her brother king KANSA as a result of a forecast that his sister’s eighth son KRISHNA would kill him. When KRISHNA was born he was taken out of the prison to be raised by his foster parents NANDA and YASHODA in GOKUL and is widely celebrated as JANMASHTAMI. The entire week includes preparations of decorating temples, observing fasts and plays in some areas. 

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      On his return to MATHURA as a young man, KRISHNA overthrew and killed his maternal uncle, after numerous assassination attempts from KANSA’S followers. He reinstated KANSA’S father, UGRASENA, as the king of the YADAVAS and became a leading prince at the court. After witnessing, people following the path of adharma to set an example and let people know the essence of KARMA. He become charioteer of ARJUNA (prince of the KURU kingdom) in the KURUSHETRA war and helped ARJUNA to defeat KAURAVAS, the miscreants.

           KRISHNA’S presence will always be a riddle as he said “To deliver the pious and to annihilate the miscreants as well as to establish the principles of religion, i myself appear, millenium after millenium”

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P.S…..KRISHNA, you make people fall in love with you….