The story of descent of GANGA on this earth starts with a sage KAPILA, whose intense meditation disturbed by the 60,000 sons of king SAGARA. Kapila,due to anger reduce them to ashes, only the water of GANGA can bring them salvation. A descendent of these sons bhagiratha undertakes penance and was granted the prize of ganga’s descent from heaven. However; since her turbulent force would also shatter the earth. Bhagiratha persuades Shiva to receive GANGA in the coils of his tangled hair and break her fall. GANGA descends, and is tamed in SHIVA’S locks and arrives in himalayas.

   That’s the story in our VEDAS about descending of GODDESS GANGA from heaven to earth and for her maintenance billions have been spent already still you would be startled, if you witness the amusement of devout pilgrims cum tourists, in the river GANGA submerging themselves into the river approx 10,000 at the same time in the extreme sun. Kids clinging over each other as if in water park. Uncles in their 60s mouth washing and nasal discharging into the same, women in 70s who cannot walk upto a distance of changing room, change their wet clothing on the ghats itself. Men’s gazing girls with their very obvious hawk look from the corner of their eyes.images (1)

   Everything dovetails with another scenario where men paying homage to their ancestors and GOD, by offering flowers and diyas filled with oil. Hindus bring ashes of the deceased person to let flow into the river for salvation. All types of colour, creed, caste and gender in the same flowing water. After looking at this scenario you would cringe like me to even touch the river and take blessings from the GODDESS.ganga0106

    I guess people are not aware about the holy, pristine river whose single touch can neutralize your sins, provides salvation to the dead. Somehow manages with the discharge of sewage and million tonnes of the untreated discharge everyday from tanneries and industries. 

   GANGA, the most pristine river in this world, worshipped as a goddess. Ganga, is a transboundary river of ASIA which flows through INDIA and BANGLADESH. The GANGES begins at the confluence of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda at devprayag(himachal pradesh), which rises from gaumukh (cow’s snout) and from snowmelt of NANDADEVI,TRISUL and KAMET respectively.Through the narrow himalayan valley, the GANGES emerges from the mountains at RISHIKESH to the gangetic plain at HARIDWAR where the above mentioned scenario can be witnessed daily.

           But to improve the scenario the current government of INDIA has taken an initiative NATIONAL GANGA RIVER BASIN PROJECT in which ministries like surface transport, shipping, tourism and water resources is suppose to work hand in hand with the issues of tourism, cleanliness, creation of banks, embankments, canals and dams. It’s distribution of water will be overlooked with the untreated waste from industries.article-0-15266D3E000005DC-192_634x476

I guess not only this, but the ghats must be maintained as per the requirement. The proper restrooms must be provided and drinking water availability as well. Eve teasing cases are very common on the ghats, security must be implemented.

      People themselves must be concern about the serenity, aesthetic nature of the river in tandem with maintaining their faith as well as their posterity because a single touch can also neutralize their sins.

P.S. Our country consists of exuberant water parks have a look there too and forbid the river.  GODDESS “BLESS OUR COUNTRY”…