UKRAINE:in utter pain



UKRAINE, a country (unitary state) in EASTERN EUROPE, composed of 24 provinces, capital and largest city KIEV and an autonomous republic CRIMEA, but sovereignty over CRIMEA is in doldrums and is in de facto control by RUSSIA.

           RUSSIAN President Vladimir Putin signed into law documents that officially made the black sea peninsula part of RUSSIAN TERRITORY. A REFERENDUM was held , CRIMEAN lawmakers voted in favour of RUSSIAN FEDERATION although UKRAINE and its WEST allies claimed that they were tutored since RUSSIAN troops had besieged CRIMEA already.

RUSSIA’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedov on his visit to Simferopol(capital city of CRIMEA) said “people in CRIMEA must not lose anything after joining RUSSIA, they must only make gains”. Seems like this annexation will be a chicken soup for the citizens of CRIMEA. As PM too mentioned to boost salaries and pensions for the people of CRIMEA and pour in funds to improve education, health care and employment.

    US secretary John Kerry in a meeting with his RUSSIAN counterpart Sergey Lavrov asked to remove the military troops from UKRAINE’s border and expresses that MOSCOW plans to seize south-eastern parts of UKRAINE that are home to large populations of ethnic RUSSIANS. On the contrary, Lavrov suggested that UKRAINE should transform itself from a unitary state to a federation of its state.

    Seems like a start of another cold war US and its WEST allies suggest that MOSCOW must not aim for even more territory in UKRAINE. US also planning

  • to suspend bilateral ties with RUSSIA on trade and investment.
  • putting on hold US-RUSSIA military engagement including exercises, bilateral meetings, port visits and planning conferences as well as agreement with G-7 nations to suspend time being participation in activities associated with preparation of G-8 summit in SOCHI (RUSSIA).

  US BANK JP Morgan blocked transfer of funds carried out by RUSSIAN envoy and MOSCOW threatens US for vengeance. Infact EUROPE’s dependence on RUSSIA for the gas supplies may suffer.

  US may be designing retribution for RUSSIA. CRIMEA is not a member of NATO’S(NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANISATION) {the organisation constitutes a system of collective defence whereby its member states agree to mutual defence in response to an attack by external affair} but many countries like POLAND were in favour of CRIMEA. NATO claimed that it would suspend “all practical, civilian and military cooperation” with Russia in response to its annexation of Ukraine’s southern Crimea region, which has triggered the worst East-West crisis since the Cold War.

   Although our country attempt may be counter productive as the World needs RUSSIA’s support in handling international issues like Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

P.S. GOD please impart wisdom to superpowers.

all thoughts are based on news feed and doesn’t have any harsh attitude towards the country or person mentioned above.

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