INDIAN railways; tacky tracks of development


         Have you ever been to any of the INDIA’s railway station hitherto?

                                               if you havn’t then you are the most luckiest person on this planet and if you are planning for expeditions via tracks which i am going to glint upon,then may be you would end up cancelling your reserve seats.

        this may not effect much of our country’s economy due to few viewers of my page.


        starting from the very ending, before boarding your train(actually one needs to bump into people to enter it) you will have to wait for it, looking at the very exact timings mentioned in the big digital.

                  For waiting you may even need to rest your derriere on suitcases or bags due to the seats occupied by a fraction of 1.27 billion population. Mosquitoes during dark and flies in daylight may haunt you in 3D may be due to the unrecognizable sputum among the betel spat.

       The lavatories which you dare to use may be life threatening, people defecate wherever they feel like, noxious smell cannot be neglected for seconds though. People in groups or alone roam much more helplessly than jobless candidates.


                   The mellifluous announcements about departure and arrival of a particular train cannot be configured due to the interruption by the same fraction of people. Around 1.6 million people work in railway department of our country and is ninth largest commercial or utility employer.

Our country cannot get through people urinating, defecating, gargling, spitting in open . Wrappers of every eatable can be found, the dustbins which are kept open at miles dovetails with flies and its other random species. 

      You may not sleep in trains because maximum number of people after 40 snore and kids below 4 weep or may be due to 24 hours service by marketeers promoting their products. You may too doubt the bed bugs in your seats and engineering behind the upper berths and when it comes to lavatories, you may feel like miss Pandora opened her box of evil.


             but that doesn’t mean all are mephitic and noxious ones, GOD forbid some are really luxurious like Maharaja express, Deccan odyssey, Palace on wheels seems like heaven on trains.

     Pawan kumar bansal, ex- railway minister was involved in 10 crore cash for post delivery scam in his entire span and the current Mallikarjun kharje must stay away from the departmental effect to heed over the health department of his trains.

                    Tourism plays an important role in the improvement of our economy and so does we but that doesn’t mean we will pick up broom sticks or vacuum cleaners and start hoovering around.Image

           P.S. rest in peace all dirt, germs,flies,mosquitoes and rodents so that we can breathe in something fresh.


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