the undesigned destination..


imagine you are spending time with your beau under a laurel and you get attacked by the crow’s faeces or got sting by honeybee or your dad caught you . This may not sound that much bad than standing in the middle of the extreme flowing water when you genuinely don’t know swimming , in that case 

             may be you will get trained in swimming in the same span and come out with water dripping out from every atom of your body ,shivering and teeth chattering still contended with chest and ribs all ready to come out with pride .

   may be GOD would send an angel obviously muscular ones to hold you and get out of the situation …

or you may end up giving up your life…

i read somewhere..

life is like the life of an acorn(fruit of the oak tree),which falls out of a great oak.The only way you can bloom into a great oak is if you don’t live under its shadow.So, the acorn should fall so far away that it can bloom into an oak tree itself…

life sometimes seems to be badly entangled much more than your charger , ear piece and other wires in your bag would be and sometimes as if pranks, friends,guffaws have been peeled off from it especially when it comes to taking some mandatory decisions.

    you may get poked by your parents,acquaintances and colleagues about your unpredictable future even getting instances of those who did wonders sometimes very near and sometimes much more far away than Antarctica may seem.

one may start abominating and rebuking every alternate thing and spoil your present in predicting future but somehow one can design it and work for it bereft of worrying about results since there are billion of things to get distracted and attracted to like social networking ,gossiping,surfing and other denumerable -ings .

  truly said..       BE smart and be wise…

                                live life king queen size…( remember u reading a female blog).

providing it technical texture….

everyone’s life is like that of an electron present in valence band of the semiconductor ,which needs an optimum potential voltage to cross the energy barrier and move to conduction band to recombine with the destined holes and creates a space..

there must be something destined pending what we need is just an honest endeavour …

everyone and everything is suppose to contribute to this world and so you are…Image




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