anonymous diary entry 2 …

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same lust, same accused,same wounds,same cries,same evaluations and the same me seems like all this resurrects every time it ends.

it’s been more than an year seems like again my story has become the centre of this earth from tabloids to newspapers to magazines to internet to group discussions to parents concern that this may happen to their daughters as well so to circumvent their posterity by security.

they don’t let them wear what they want to…

don’t let them move out on any tick of a clock…..

because its bit difficult actually impossible for males to have control over their hormonal department even they have their immortal chauvinism in pockets in heaven too.

      i still live at 125th street because the view of the place i used to live is bit clear from here. 

I thought i may be the target of archery for the change from molestation to freedom but that was so impractical thought of mine among this vicious circle of males.

I inadvertently and suddenly lost such a beautiful world the only thing i regret to lose is my mom ….

i can feel every tear of yours
i can smell every food u make
i yearn every moment to hug u once
i can count your cries and sleepless nights
i knew every time the door knocks you expect me..

and really hold a grudge against God atleast he would have given me an indication or would have taken my consent but since i am having a vigil it bit contends me because this place has metamorphosed into a land of rapists
from a stare to comment
from a comment to eve teasing
from eve teasing to molestation….
there acts are being jotted down and still they think themselves as therapists thats really ludicrous.

CHITRA in Tagore’s play said at the last..I am Chitra. No Goddess to be worshipped, nor yet the object of common pity be brushed aside like a moth with indifference .If deign to keep me by your side in the path of danger and daring,if you allow me to share the great duties of your life ,then you will know my true self.
are we girls born just to compliment and complement males?

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