the edifice of engineers



so,here’s me the sleepyhead among many masterminds and dumb cerebrals which comprises of some damsels and thrice the number of blokes getting one-third of the aggregate in exams as per the super duper girls albeit their mere aggregate is the tutelage of those masterminds explaining each and every bit of stuff before exams (while writing stuff i went through numerous technological names i studied).
it’s been three years and four months i am witnessing the same vicious circle with same exams which we called as sessionals every month, having six subjects in every semester,if i am not wrong.

I and every different type of head i had mentioned have gone through thirty six subjects dovetailing with submitting assignments of every single subject in every single week by every single head and diligently made only by few masterminds which are decreasing every single hour.
it’s like interest doesn’t makes everyone stand,it fells mostly due to boredom it may be one gets bit bored with the same heads to hang over or may be due to the bald professors who mostly wear the same shirt two days back to back (and dats obviously my observation) and not so good looking female teachers who took lectures which seems like death,breath and everything taking but yes sleep providing .

       but these reasons tends to my boredom but for dose degrading masterminds like the signal in case of injected laser technique which degrades more gradually than light emitting diode(that’s what i studied today) may have some other reasons.Our syllabi or those thirty six subjects and ten yet to add next year seems so damn clumsy that i din’t remember what i crammed last year( may be the masterminds remember )..
here comes few of those breath taking subjects like INTEGRATED CIRCUITS,ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS,DIGITAL ELECTRONICS,CONTROL SYSTEMS,DATA COMMUNICATION SYSTEM,MATHEMATICS,VLSI and my stressing nerves can recall these few numbers only right now and not only related to electronics but economics and some management related subjects and psychology too which seems ludicrous sometimes.

      some are intermingled much more badly than the earpiece and some other wires entangled together on my table .Every head had been going through the same researches done especially those tramp FETs,MOSFETs,BJTs and some more transistors rolling from one subject to another showing different characteristics every time you study and at the end of the day what one remembers is just the name and forgot the thing u live and sleep upto.

     we too have laboratory lectures and some work frantically in it with assorted but still same wires , switches,function generators ,oscillators and CROs implementing  but any endeavour doesn’t lead to eureka and we have a kind of technical interviews by external examiners called viva voce(pronounced as vivavowsee) and some dumb cerebrals and masterminds pronounce it as viva voice but it’s better to pronounce badly than to badly answering in those sessions like me or not answering probably.

       and yes these things moves in a similar manner everyday


                                                                                 every month

                                                                   and unfortunately every year 

except weekends ………..

Still we laugh among lectures mock at faculty even at each other because we don’t have an either option rather than ignorance with a positive feeling within our hearts to rise and shine  someday .

and within all this stuff happening terribly lies me a geek or a librocubicularist(those read in bed), who quickly rushes back to the hostel room after college hours wear big reading glasses and informals 


and starts reading,writing or blogging can say ..and sometimes thinks if reading gains weight why don’t writing burns calories but doesn’t matter theres a huge world ahead and i had not to impress any sexist among all the different cerebrals..

P.S. this crap is going to end soon but slowly and steadily i realise that i am gonna miss it as i won’t get all this in future or perhaps PAST IS USUALLY NOSTALGIC..E for engineering :))

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