U mUst Be SoMeWhErE duDE…




DeAr GoD…

u must be somewhere..

                        somewhere in the very green..

                                somewhere in the step on beige..

somewhere deep into the river i see..

or in the heart of people i meet..

         somewhere in the music of flautist 

                   or in some excuses and clauses…

sometimes in every heckle..

         or in every problem i tackle..

sometimes in the person i miss..

          or the height i yearn to kiss…

sometimes in drop of a tear..

  or probably in blemished smear..


                         every atom i inhale

                         every person i hate

                          every minion of mine

                         or every second of a time……..

 but i render you are within me………


P.S. let the god within u read this…because may be the god within me would have liked your stuff 😉



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