TiMe To LiVe….

in search of time to set free..

    in search of time to snub every decree..

in search of time to be nostalgic..

    in search of time to forget every mephitic..

in search of time to only read and write..

   in search of time to meet a knight..

in search of time to the leave the fate…

   in search of time to  vault every gate..


           in search of time to accomplish every trial….

             in search of time to rise from quagmire…

in search of time to bid adieu…

     forever to the contemporary milieu…

p.s…in search of time to live…


U mUst Be SoMeWhErE duDE…




DeAr GoD…

u must be somewhere..

                        somewhere in the very green..

                                somewhere in the step on beige..

somewhere deep into the river i see..

or in the heart of people i meet..

         somewhere in the music of flautist 

                   or in some excuses and clauses…

sometimes in every heckle..

         or in every problem i tackle..

sometimes in the person i miss..

          or the height i yearn to kiss…

sometimes in drop of a tear..

  or probably in blemished smear..


                         every atom i inhale

                         every person i hate

                          every minion of mine

                         or every second of a time……..

 but i render you are within me………


P.S. let the god within u read this…because may be the god within me would have liked your stuff 😉



a bit of INDIA and its economic plight..

from independence our country arose..

in sacrifices it moved…

and in scams i hope it doesn’t melts away..

decades had revealed their stories yet we are having a tryst with destiny..

landed into an inescapable quagmire where every single rule in the book and every single etiquette is violated..

we talk about norms …..

we talk about reforms…….

and our administration makes much ado about nothing but policies,ordinance and various bills..

being a vicenarian and an engineer and from a country which manufactures 17 lakh engineers ..i m bit concern about telecom industry which is in doldrums, plunges to 1654 crores from FDI of more than 58000 crores due to our poor governance leading to 2G scam…

   although government permitted to set up chip fabrication plant  which could generate millions of jobs this could have been done a decade back but our admin was busy in painting the country red..

next ,i must put glint over the cluttered approach of commerce minister agreeing over 51% FDI in multibrand retail to entice INDIA’s economy but..

numerous policies

numerous quotas

and numerous figures went in vain..

being self sufficient in iron and coal reserves how pathetic it is to import millions of tonnes of natural resources ,genuinely Iron ore has the potential to contribute 11.25 lakh crore to GDP but actually it does nothing else worsening our current account deficit..

and moving over to most interrogative part..

what about nano plant in singur..

what about steel plant in karnataka..

all were entangled in the vicious circle of land clearance because of paralysed policies and its tentacles lead to reluctant foreign investors…

ummm not any psephologist but an election candidate must have specific qualification because illiteracy won’t let anyone count and some spending denumerable bucks in election campaigning just for 5 numeric salaries…

admin needs to identify correct revenue sources so that burden of indirect taxes on some get reduced..

and in this cloudburst of facts some other figures are not considered in this mist…

last but not least as my most of the political articles includes…

P.S.some people are like sperms their chances of becoming a human are one in a million..