TwEnTy says” no more birthdays plzz..”

Imagine you just woke up, and looked into the mirror and find yourself looking old and frail your puckish eyes from spectacles with mascara suddenly seems accompanying wrinkles,the smile with digging dimples lost its charm , the manicured hands suddenly manage wrinkles and nerves yelling to come out,limbs bit tottering,feels senile and then you got a call from your college friend that today is a mass bunk….

             you just woke up grunt , howl and dance with same eyes ,hands ,dimples and no wrinkles because it was nothing but a nightmare..

although getting older is having new experiences,new things to read,meet denumerable people,new places to visit and much more..

but still at 20, one bit gets cynic about getting a day older as it brings wrinkles dovetailing career aches having vis-a-vis conversation with relationship status reconciling marriage complications..

in a short span everything and everyone gets elapsed from gossips to lectures, from movies to presentation , from vacancies to jobs, from break up to patch up, from parties to paying lunch,from crushes to spouse and from friends to kids metamorphosed…

       being 20, you get lured by enticing cars ,bikes but lost the craze when you get bit older…

being 20, your dreams and desires are in joint venture with fun..

being 20, is to flaunt to entice people to fall in love with you..

being 20,is bullying..

being 20, is lol (laughing out loudly)..

being 20, is love..

being 20, is no more me in few months..a day older leads you to run in a race,which sounds no more yours in the middle..

because the moment you depart 20, the next moment you want to arrive in it..

whether you are vicenarian,
or octogenarian….
be 20, live 20, don’t get a moment older because it sucks….

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