A bit of an INDIAN aspirations..

what greater aspirations are for a mother than the hope of a great child?

because aspiration is the cherished desire not to have more,but to be more…

and that our political scenario is bit oblivion about..

have you ever observed this scenario bit away away from greed?

have you ever been aspired by their creeds?

there are social activists conducting hunger strikes for weeks 

                                                                                       for transparency in system

                                                                                        for anti corruption

                                                                                        for development

                                                               or can say for a better world to live in….

  these strikes would not be fruitful until and unless they were uplifted by the strata of people called youth, which not only went through contradictions but also through lathi charges and some other means to deter the dissents, but ultimately those aspirations or lokpal bill was passed but not with the same base

                                                                                                       same strength,

                      but the same youth which drudges for justice again not for themselves but for a rape victim again leading to the justice which lost its taste after nine months and leading to annexure of various archives in our constitution. 

hoping for a better sea shore, our government finally succumbed for set up of foreign varsities and even corpus fund requirement of 11m USD has already been received but these varsities won’t work autonomously as government find INDIAN EDUCATION SYSTEM much happening because its all about baba baba black sheep dovetailing with burgeoning school bags conversing with cramming and most importantly lacking research and development which makes me ponder…

                                too many teeths , too few dentist

                                too many engineers, too few jobs……….

 becoz the employment to population ratio has significantly plunged in case of men as well as women seems like MNREGA kind policies havn’t done wonders yet…

what do you think does these policies will lead us out of our tribulations into a quiet land??

i really doubt because RIGHT TO EDUCATION  act since 1950 went through evaluations every forthcoming yearwith different amendments and votaries to those who are yet unaware of their acts..

because they are bit occupied by mining

                                                        washing vessels

                                                        begging.. and doing every bit stuff which led them miles away from education….

the only way to prove that you are a good sport is to lose” is misconstrued by our administration..

 from very revered MILKHA SINGH to the lone gold medalist ABHINAV BINDRA ,sport has been lying at the bottom in contemporary india..moreover, INDIAN OLYMPIC COUNCIL was suspended by the INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC ASSOCIATION due to the politics which they have imbibed in their DNA’S and cannot go beyond it..

what we need is a system and what we actually don’t need is a system itself ? ………….


NIRBHAYA–mai bhi wahi thi..



kyun na uda du is chunar ko …

                 jo kabhi maine odi nahi..

kyu na bhula du is laaj ko…

               jo kabhi mera tha hi nahi…

kyu na mita du is rekha ko…

             jiske paar kabhi gai hi nahi…


samundar jaisi zindagi ka sapna liye

jiske gale ki maala thi

ab kyun ghutan ki mehak liye

ye peecha karti hai

kaise bhul gaye sab

jiski kok se janam liya

jiske saath pyaar ka vaada kia


                               wahi thi jiski mamta se ankhein bhar jaati h..

                               wahi ti jiske ashirvaad se zindagi ban jaati h..

                              wahi ti jiske anchal ne dhoop se bachaya..

                              wahi thi jisne tumhe chalna sikhaya..

                  mai ab bhi mil jaungi tumhei..

                 mil jaungi…

                                      kabhi dariyaa ke kinaare

                                      kabhi rasoi-khane

                                     kabhi chunar ban ke..

                                     kabhi payal ki khanak mei..

                                     kabhi zindagi ke dard mei..

                                     kabhi laal rang mei..

 socha jaate-jaate kyu na kuch keh jau..

             kyun na keh jau tumhe

                                 jo tum is chunar ka peecha krte ho..

             kyu na keh jau tumei ..

                               jis ghamand ka tum daawa karte ho..

            kyu na mita jau isse…

                             kyunki mai wahi hoon..

                             wahi jiska tum rape kia karte ho…………








TwEnTy says” no more birthdays plzz..”

Imagine you just woke up, and looked into the mirror and find yourself looking old and frail your puckish eyes from spectacles with mascara suddenly seems accompanying wrinkles,the smile with digging dimples lost its charm , the manicured hands suddenly manage wrinkles and nerves yelling to come out,limbs bit tottering,feels senile and then you got a call from your college friend that today is a mass bunk….

             you just woke up grunt , howl and dance with same eyes ,hands ,dimples and no wrinkles because it was nothing but a nightmare..

although getting older is having new experiences,new things to read,meet denumerable people,new places to visit and much more..

but still at 20, one bit gets cynic about getting a day older as it brings wrinkles dovetailing career aches having vis-a-vis conversation with relationship status reconciling marriage complications..

in a short span everything and everyone gets elapsed from gossips to lectures, from movies to presentation , from vacancies to jobs, from break up to patch up, from parties to paying lunch,from crushes to spouse and from friends to kids metamorphosed…

       being 20, you get lured by enticing cars ,bikes but lost the craze when you get bit older…

being 20, your dreams and desires are in joint venture with fun..

being 20, is to flaunt to entice people to fall in love with you..

being 20,is bullying..

being 20, is lol (laughing out loudly)..

being 20, is love..

being 20, is no more me in few months..a day older leads you to run in a race,which sounds no more yours in the middle..

because the moment you depart 20, the next moment you want to arrive in it..

whether you are vicenarian,
or octogenarian….
be 20, live 20, don’t get a moment older because it sucks….