fOuRtH yEaR Of GrADuAtIoN and me : dovetailing..

i havn’t mentioned yet about my studies …

oh! ya just once when i was a sophomore , about the quintessentials of my batch mates on……..but time elapsed in a whiff..

       Hasshh!!!! after three years of intense drudge and grudge i have ultimately collided with fourth year . I was immensely ecstatic the very moment i entered mah class, like always i was scribbling some stuff over my desk ( like i always do to get rid of boredom) and seems like an evil eye cast a spell on me …coz the same moment my sleepyhead asked WHAT NEXT??????????/ after

         tens of transistors to study

         hundredths of antennas to configure

         thousands of processors to handle 

         millions of frequencies to assess

         billions of satellite to cram

         trillions of whatevers……..

i could not  answer hitherto…

from emulating assignments to downloading presentations  i abhorred everything even more but that doesn’t mean i am a bad scorer but yes a bit bad engineer…

although i am accompanied by scholars who can foresee their life ahead and initiated preparing for competitive exams like

some feign or pretend to prepare but actually don’t

some prepare but don’t pretend

some neither feign nor prepare……

and i positively belong to last category..

moreover, deliberately in search of work which i will love to do………

i hope satellites, antennas and transistors won’t mind if i dumped them still have to be loyal for the last year…

with fingers crossed i will acknowledge my work someday and could answer my sleepyhead WHAT NEXT  ???????

p.s. i shall overcome someday…..



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