INDIA’S InDePeNdENcE……….nothing more, nothing less..


since morning,i have been zapping the television programmes and the only thing i found bit common was some wishes of this day..

           a very happy independence dayy…


by some very revered politicians involved from bofors to very recent solar scam,from involvement in pornography to nepotism or by some very appealing actors explicitly digging their dimples and wishing the same..
but i guess wishing won’t vest INDIAN’S the pending independency we yearn,require,deserve or expect…
our country INDIA , BHARAT OR HINDUSTAN one and the same thing is the seventh largest country with 1.27 billion pollution oh sorry it’s population including 22 million physically challenged, including 32.7% under tottering poverty line including 81% hindus , 14% muslims, 1.9% sikh and blah blah sounds like a stupid tabloid article….
but our very candid
borough makes much ado about few soliloquy or some rhetoric words vying every political party for …actually nothing but some mud slinging desires…
if we talk bout progress from the very first inventions BuTtOnS to snake-ladder ……
from cashmere wool to indigo dye…
from zero to pi,infinite series…
from ayurveda to yoga…..
from raman effect to the second bottom rank at PISA…
seems as if talent slashing talent…
from absurd poverty to poor education to poor health to rapes to idiotic reservation to tottering FDI’s to scams …
from these stuff my country arises,
from these stuff my country moves,
from these stuff i hope it doesn’t melts away………
SO, it’s like me ,you and every absurd creature must rise from their slumbers and do and do….which i myself don’t know…..;)

P.S. NoThInG more, NoThInG LESs…
from an INDIAN with love..


3 thoughts on “INDIA’S InDePeNdENcE……….nothing more, nothing less..

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