poverty striken…INDIA..

So,it’s about the non surfing class of our country, a country which is probably considered as third largest economy in coming years by economic times , as it is considered as poised,although bit enigmatic for some.

  May be the authorities havn’t witness the kids with uncombed hair,with nasal discharge covering three -forth of the face rather draped anything to cover and also the spark in the telltale eyes which yells “empty stomach” ..

  may be they din’t went through the dark houses which although radiates but only helplessness….

     may be they havn’t been on a recce of the houses,whose entire family sit on a road-side with ”whave A.I.D.S” written placards..

    may be they din’t noticed the kids sitting on the stairs of temple just to get some bucks for their piggy banks..

  may be they din’t decipher the woman draping a saree {with the maximum vents in it,as the animal faeces on the road-side} running behind some mercedes with a cherub hanging on the waist just to get the very desired few bucks..

   does this economy can afford to vest a proper living for non-surfing class? so that they don’t yearn for the above mentioned few bucks..

   and these few bucks may ask the seers,savants,theist,priest and all the god-loving people including me…DoEs YoUr GoD rEaLlI eXiSt???

   is this economy enough stabilised that it can flourish pockets involved in prostitution and lock down the brothels??

these MAY BE’s are just a nugget of the contemporary INDIA ,just remove the blinkers and look beyond the purview i bet the last few bucks  of my pocket u’ll find every definite third atom of this probably or may be third largest economy yelling FEW BUCKS PLEASE…………

3 thoughts on “poverty striken…INDIA..

  1. appreciating u for ur social conscious.it’s really hard for any govn to eradicate poverty from roots in india like countries.every well settled person has to think of it.try their best to give back something to society.

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