ubiquitous zombies..


This is the endeavour of my profound surveillance during travelling.The apocalyptic stage of humanity giving rise to zombies as you will scrutinize thousands of them while travelling barely a distance of 150 Km.

You expect some sumptuously maintained mass transport but you will end up boarding the casual ones and if you are germ intolerant, who prefers wearing a scarf/gloves kind of a thing then remember people will stare at you until and unless their eyes are gonna bulge out with a spring like some cartoon characters.

So, you may look out to get distracted from ferocious looks and would witness kid’s playing, uncle’s peeing at every few miles actually meters forcing you to wonder

is it a democratic country or a pee country?

I guess they have a motive to recover the drought-prone areas. And then you will witness some aunties who seem to be the only bread-winner of their respective families selling earthen pots, fruits, fishes and poultry all together in an unhygienic manner and one of them having a broom what an audacious attempt for the ferocious flies and then you may see some pornographic posters yelling “Adults Only” just because of the slow speed due to potholes.

You will hate yourself, if you forget your novel to carry as well as your phone to get charge.
So the only option left is a silent vigil outside and it may seem like those people staring at you and uncle who were peeing are stalking you. Sometimes you may too witness couples in their septuagenarian helping each other to cross the road. Sometimes the view may include flippant and frivolous kids playing in the pond or some barely wearing any cloth or some with a bowl in their hands for begging.

Then your ear ligaments may whisper you rhetorically that ”i may burst out” because some of the entrepreneurs yelling over their cell phones for so called deals which may be ”private and confidential” and some aunties gossiping and kids weeping out as if all together they had a break-up.
you too got too know about these absurd zombies,so be aware of them..

P.S. its like some people are like sperms their chances of becoming a human are one in a million ;)))