AnOnYmOuS dIaRy EnTry…..

Alice lives in wonderland but i am recently shifted to land full of wonderssss….on 125th street new heaven apartments with a name plate shouting AnOnYmOuS…

i may be some reena , teena ,meena but unfortunately i am delhi rape case victim and sometimes misconstrued as NiRbHaYa..But guys i too have a name..

I accustome to live in some nook and cranny of people’s heart and then had a paradigm shift to newspaper’s stock in their store room and recently to heaven.

I am contended here because i can have a vigil over these ombudsman who are investigating my case deliberately but not alone i am accompanied by many nymphettes oops! victims ,we use to take stroll but generalli our paths are cul de sac but its okay we turned back and start again..

I get spurred by Narendra Modi’s words at some FICCI or FIICI confernce or may be some other name about women empowerment and his very candid state aunties who are entrepreneurs perhaps some thepla and dhokla vendor’s but why the hell i am interested no one cares what i wanna do?..

seem’s like Miss pandora opened her box of evil and striked onto me..

People fought enough for me some striking the roads out, sitting at InDiA gAte lightining candles, burning there bumps out..damn! where the hell were you all when i was lying helplesss next to it..

but i am happy here frivolous of male chauvinism and some misogynist whose progress report consist of my name still not genuine one . I too miss Mc D’s burger, pizza ,the near by paani puri stall of my home,food by my mom,books,college desk at least it has my name genuine scribbled on it…what to do everything has been pissed off..

and most importantly i miss my mom ,dad..I wish i could drop this or i could request some Ambani’s kinda of people for better communication system or i could have a single call just to assure them and make all nubile aware dat….

every lap where girl lies…

      has to sacrifice..

mine was one of the case..

  so girl’s tie your lace…

MiSs A bUS and cHaNgE uR wOrLd….;)))))))))))))

p.s… i guess she must be feeling the same so i thought to make you all aware….