ThE dAy I lEfT yOu….

time has elapsed with such a pace..

my memories are tottering at this phase..

my words generally object..

why thou writing same stuff with another subject..??

           things swept away in a whiff..

tried to have a look from a cliff…

            although view itself is filled with mist.. 

and what i remembered is just a gist….


still tried hard to went through..

           to pen down the day i left you……

school life was no less than a cheese..

        i was a child with no excuses and please.

some joined me with a smiling face……

        some spread like octopus weeping at their gates……

and then became bit studious……

       but that was isn’t heinous……..

dozens of friends to hang on……. 

     with vehicles to bang upon…..

millions of talks to hype….

      perhaps all ball types…….


some years swept hanging over swings..

         and some flying with gifted wings.

the update of these moments are few…

      since the day i left you…..

the you m referring is my home..

     the place where memories roam..

heart usually sits numb….

   but gets active when phone flashes ”mum”..

i wish God to admit this as a prank..

    i vow i will be frank..


then my words would be inn lieu..

  of ”the day i left you..”





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