ThE dAy I lEfT yOu….

time has elapsed with such a pace..

my memories are tottering at this phase..

my words generally object..

why thou writing same stuff with another subject..??

           things swept away in a whiff..

tried to have a look from a cliff…

            although view itself is filled with mist.. 

and what i remembered is just a gist….


still tried hard to went through..

           to pen down the day i left you……

school life was no less than a cheese..

        i was a child with no excuses and please.

some joined me with a smiling face……

        some spread like octopus weeping at their gates……

and then became bit studious……

       but that was isn’t heinous……..

dozens of friends to hang on……. 

     with vehicles to bang upon…..

millions of talks to hype….

      perhaps all ball types…….


some years swept hanging over swings..

         and some flying with gifted wings.

the update of these moments are few…

      since the day i left you…..

the you m referring is my home..

     the place where memories roam..

heart usually sits numb….

   but gets active when phone flashes ”mum”..

i wish God to admit this as a prank..

    i vow i will be frank..


then my words would be inn lieu..

  of ”the day i left you..”





NaRenDrA mOdI’s FaN cLuBbB..

this is my 15th post but my first political endeavor or can say a memoir , not about any Mr. X or Mrs. Y although it’s about a stalwart with 1,321,864 followers on twitter including me and 1,388,501 likes on facebook . Although internet tools opine over the fact that the numbers consist of 41 prcnt fake and 46 prcnt inactive user’s.:)


ostensibly, can say it’s not a bad score  because it’s about 14th chief minister of one of the most developed state of our country that is Gujarat , would be prime minister of India, the chicken soup for Gujarat’s soul as well as India’s development .

Gujarat’s budget for financial year 2013 -14 .. 1,14,450 crore’s and is worth implemented in every nook and cranny of gujju’s’s enlisted under

:expressways or road networks

:irrigational projects or rural development programs

:the gender birth rates in 2010 were 1000/1000.

  • the school drop out rate of girl child has come to 11.64 as high as 36.30…
  • agricultural production from 9000 to 34,000 crores..
  • 1875 MW of power generation with the supply to 18,000 villages as state has about 18114 villages
  • Gujju’s kids add 10 prcnt literacy rate to country upto 2011.
  • to be continued…

although we know this candid stalwart is no less popular than dhokla’s and dandiya of Gujarat and deserves a huge applause as well..

God knows who knows the real story….

thinking out of the box…..

MR. Modi was a member of RSS since childhood, being a bachelor…oops a lady namd Jashodaben claim to be his wife ,perhaps a child marriage; he has been in dubious controversies as well be it— involvement in godhra riots.

About half of gujarati kids under five were stunted and the clause added by the pied piper of Gujarat was ”gujarati girls are more beauty conscious than health” whereas it was about kids..although they ramped up spending on rural health after this.

gujju’s account 72 prcnt of total employment whereas India is hanging at 28 prcnt..although some tabloids witness lakhs of unemployed gujarati’s.

by 2004-12 the marginal growth of Gujarat was 8.3 prcnt with maharastra ensuring 10.6 prcnt and tamil nadu  at 10.3 prcnt and Bihar hitting a six at 11.4 prcnt..thanks to NITISH GADKARI…

 whatever is reported ,the nugget of the text may turnout to be farce or may be not..

but I do believe his ubiquitous fan following will not be affected…

I won’t strangulate his  work because the social and economic contribution of Gujarat is really impeccable and contribute to country as well. Gujarat is going to be popular for narendra modi rather than their dhokla’s as well there’s no doomsday for gujaratis although I gave bit of knee..jerk’s concept..

as every rendezvous of mango people has slogans

”DeSh Ka NeTa KaIsA hO;

                                  mOdI JaISa Ho.”     OR CAN SAY

modi is the bee’s knee for India..”