KnOcK kNock …Is Dere n EligIbLe LeAdEr….

…. had a recent group discussion in our class bout requiremnt of good leadrs in India… India ‘a name which most of us r proud of’…

a person who is enough charismatic to influence people to achieve a goal wid an ideal perspctive not for a section bt for the entire society………

taking a flashbak…

i read somewhre… dronacharya who taught Eklavya archery.. he din taught him although eklavya use to meditate in front of drona’s g statue acknowledgin him the art he got..n later on drona g asked for his thumb so dat no one would inherit d art… wat an eligible leader he was…?? else we Indian’s wuld b sparklin in olympics..:)

now movin over to india’s candids  Mahatama gandhi….pt. jawaharlal if unveiling d fact durin our knok knok eligible leadrship requirmnt we Indian’s lost paradise Mansarovar as a tribute to China in 1962 n still v provide a secure residence to tibetan buddhist Dalai lama….may b it’s an ”Atithi devo bhava” concept or we don wanna discontinue usin ”mAdE iN cHiNa” products…

frm TATA group to ambani’s  everione conversin some wid partner’s n some wid faculty…bt i guess we skippped many n one of dem is Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen abdul kalam…a name difficlt to remembr bt not meant to b skipped…a trademark in d India’s defence field..may b i din frgot coz we share a same birthdate..

umm not being blasphemous bout ny one’s endeavour’s dere may b numerous veterans,saints n many more not considerd..neithr umm being cynic bout paticular nor i hav purchased nyone’s hype to flounder over…perhaps v frgot d people in d long run who made us read d alphabets u readin at dis instant…who hold our hands n crossed d roads…v forgot d one who hlped us to selct a section of our wardrobe..v frgot d one who workd dayz n dayz to mug ur stomach…n v too frgot d one under whose brolly we live n he z d almighty who leads lyf mine.. your’s..India..US ..n Mahatama gandhi as well..
WE too have leader’s who sit on a coupe n try to clinch everione’s lif lik kashmir candid’s SAR geeelani n Omar farukh..n luring d people n still so damn populr..

n m pretty sure..

dere’s no one nxt ur door to refill ur dues…

d onli one left out dere i d inner u…

n dese thots r exactli persnal…so people relatd to mentiond above plz dn’t mind…


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