KnOcK kNock …Is Dere n EligIbLe LeAdEr….

…. had a recent group discussion in our class bout requiremnt of good leadrs in India… India ‘a name which most of us r proud of’…

a person who is enough charismatic to influence people to achieve a goal wid an ideal perspctive not for a section bt for the entire society………

taking a flashbak…

i read somewhre… dronacharya who taught Eklavya archery.. he din taught him although eklavya use to meditate in front of drona’s g statue acknowledgin him the art he got..n later on drona g asked for his thumb so dat no one would inherit d art… wat an eligible leader he was…?? else we Indian’s wuld b sparklin in olympics..:)

now movin over to india’s candids  Mahatama gandhi….pt. jawaharlal if unveiling d fact durin our knok knok eligible leadrship requirmnt we Indian’s lost paradise Mansarovar as a tribute to China in 1962 n still v provide a secure residence to tibetan buddhist Dalai lama….may b it’s an ”Atithi devo bhava” concept or we don wanna discontinue usin ”mAdE iN cHiNa” products…

frm TATA group to ambani’s  everione conversin some wid partner’s n some wid faculty…bt i guess we skippped many n one of dem is Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen abdul kalam…a name difficlt to remembr bt not meant to b skipped…a trademark in d India’s defence field..may b i din frgot coz we share a same birthdate..

umm not being blasphemous bout ny one’s endeavour’s dere may b numerous veterans,saints n many more not considerd..neithr umm being cynic bout paticular nor i hav purchased nyone’s hype to flounder over…perhaps v frgot d people in d long run who made us read d alphabets u readin at dis instant…who hold our hands n crossed d roads…v forgot d one who hlped us to selct a section of our wardrobe..v frgot d one who workd dayz n dayz to mug ur stomach…n v too frgot d one under whose brolly we live n he z d almighty who leads lyf mine.. your’s..India..US ..n Mahatama gandhi as well..
WE too have leader’s who sit on a coupe n try to clinch everione’s lif lik kashmir candid’s SAR geeelani n Omar farukh..n luring d people n still so damn populr..

n m pretty sure..

dere’s no one nxt ur door to refill ur dues…

d onli one left out dere i d inner u…

n dese thots r exactli persnal…so people relatd to mentiond above plz dn’t mind…

Paranoid girls in this Android world.

In this world of deception and deceit,  female appearance has been considered as delusory and is mislead by the male chauvinistic world.
very second of some of them seems like strangulating.Although everi paranoid heart wants to move freely at any point of time, but the truth is something different.

Seems like one day females will be accompanying lions and tigers in the vulnerable list because it’s been impossible for the males to control their hormonal circuitry. Sometimes their endeavors leads to girl consummation, abortion and suicide attempts.

 Every 34th minute a girl is raped, assaulted and the victim may be a toddler, teenager, adult or an octogenarian also. I guess every one paying for the suggestion of apple by Eve. Females are always proud for being the same, the affection we get from families is incredible and no one can take this back from us.

what if we cannot move freely on streets.
what if God being partial on our side.

what if we are considered as a prey.

    what if we have to be possessed about our looks.

what if I am a girl.

I am what I am and that any other person cannot be.

I would love to glint some issues from an article of Hillary Clinton that most of the psychoanalyst opine over the fact that it’s always been easy for a man to blame a woman for the garb she is wearing.
I read somewhere that the english language has 220 words for the promiscuous women and 22 words for men appreciation, terms like ‘master’ and ‘lord’ pertains a respectful image on the contrary mistress and dame still considered as a taunt.
can really guess how near the doom’s day could be. Although this prejudice effect has been transferred to the female’s minds as well.

P.S. More power to the girls.