waitin 4 d sun to arise..

crackin mah knuckles i spend the whole night…
shruggin mah shouldrs i ignore the controversial fights…
mah mind evolvin somethin wise..
dat um “waitin fr d sun to arise”..

d night din’t let me sleep…
it seems everi fraction of a secnd weeps..
the curiosity widin me is on a high pace..
coz i wanna b home at dis particular phase…
mah livin dsn’t requir ny food nd rice..
coz umm “waitin fr d sun to arise”..

i wanna considr mah pripority mere..
coz mah kins stays dere…
far away were mah heart had it’s share..
early eight i cud hear d bird chirps..
mah past memories mumers…
my priorities whisper dat i shiver..’
coz i go through various questionnaires…..
as if dey consider me as a millionaire…
i need to repli fr everi pound…
but dis dsn’t sounds too profound….
now, mah mind dsn’t evolve nythin wise..
coz here…
people say..i’ll hav to wait fr nothr sun to arise…

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