Why I am a low scorer at economics?

After bunking two or three classes I finally attended a lecture and daily dose was of “law of demand“. It basically includes the price and demand relation. The thing which strike my obnoxious mind was

does dis law is also applicable to the brothels?

Thinking about the same question, I came to know that the lecture was over. Same lectures proceeded in the same manner with my distractions like

does the amount which paupers get is affected by inflation?

INFLATION is an increase in a currency supply relative to the number of people using it. As a result of this supply inflation the general price level of goods and services in an economy over a period of time rise. When the price level rises, each unit of currency buys fewer goods and services. Consequently, inflation reflects a reduction in the purchase per unit of money.

my distractions were followed by the following question-

does it decrease the value of people too?

The reason this came to my mind is that I went through a newspaper article which allegedly stated that a 6-year old girl was sold for Rs.6200 and a 32-year woman sold for 3 lakhs.

The question arises is-

Is the value enough?


Is there no value of humanity left in this world?

The another bemused thing to ponder about was FDI(food department of India). When you don’t pay attention, the ferocious guess always comes to your mind. After few minutes of concentration in class, I came to know it is a controlling ownership in a business enterprise in one country by an entity based in another country known as Foreign Direct Investment.

Although I was little bit aware about WALMART –an American multinational retail cooperation, thinking of investing in our country. Though it a concern for the nearby confectionary uncle’s shop. But I was damn eager to have so that I could reduce my expenses being an hosteller and can implement remaining ransom to other expenses.

Slowly it was followed by recession, a business cycle contraction ,a general slow down in economic activity(which being a hosteller is easily understood by me).

Moving over to MUTUAL FUNDS, that pools money from numerous investors to purchase securities. It made me think about my childhood days which was majorly about collecting money from my elders in home for the future investments:)

All these distractions once came to an end and were followed by my exams.

i require an aid…

o god! i require n aid…
and i swear it will be repaid..
its a request atleast fr mah sake..
n i promise its not at ol fake….
umm not aware bout mah best part..
n i too asked mah heart..
i think it’s a brain..
but how can i as its already in utter pain..
n nw i miss mahslf …
as umm lost in today’s harshness..
i do require ur hands..
to place me on the bettr plans…
i knw u’ll..
n took me away frm dese pil’ss…
i hav no more desir..
just to be a part of little shire..

waitin 4 d sun to arise..

crackin mah knuckles i spend the whole night…
shruggin mah shouldrs i ignore the controversial fights…
mah mind evolvin somethin wise..
dat um “waitin fr d sun to arise”..

d night din’t let me sleep…
it seems everi fraction of a secnd weeps..
the curiosity widin me is on a high pace..
coz i wanna b home at dis particular phase…
mah livin dsn’t requir ny food nd rice..
coz umm “waitin fr d sun to arise”..

i wanna considr mah pripority mere..
coz mah kins stays dere…
far away were mah heart had it’s share..
early eight i cud hear d bird chirps..
mah past memories mumers…
my priorities whisper dat i shiver..’
coz i go through various questionnaires…..
as if dey consider me as a millionaire…
i need to repli fr everi pound…
but dis dsn’t sounds too profound….
now, mah mind dsn’t evolve nythin wise..
coz here…
people say..i’ll hav to wait fr nothr sun to arise…