but y ???

No doubt dat dis world is full of cheat..

but y i feel the warmth onli by its heat..?

i was totally smashed by it…

but y i gained  the confidence only by its breeze..

though the time heals everyboy’s heart…

ultimateli i was also relieved frm dis hurt;

the imprints cannot be erased;

but y everione want dem to b raised;

i got u by God’s grace;

n i smiled n smiled..

as i want to walk with u miles..

but y u prohibit me to be further wid u…

i want the reason for dis too..

but y dis was in vain and

mah heart had a heavy pain…

u xplained me but y ??

i again claim dat dis world is full of cheat….

n was waitin fr another warmth of the heat…