love…d onli thing i had 2 grab..

I consider ol dayz as a nuisance….coz i thing it doesn’t matter whether it

is a dusk,dawn,midnight,evening or a noon,as well as sunday , monday or a tuesday,to express how much u luv some1.??

A mother won;t wait 4 a kiss day or a hug greet her better half or a new born baby.  even when its onto me i won’t wait 4 a kiss day or a hug day.whenever i see mah mom ..mah arms automaticalli stretched out,to hav a recap of dose awesome moments i had wid her…

whenever i meet mah frnz dey accustome 2 ask me..are u in a relationship…i simply answer …yes .i m …i m a girl of beautiful mom n an overcaring dad..beautiful sisters,n naughty brothers..and mah grandparents n one of  dem cherish me from heaven ..

dey again ask r u in luv?  i again replied ..yes , i m..i m in lov wid everi moment i spend wid mah family..i m in love wid d mirrror which was made usual 2 see a spotless smiling face to d mirror which sees a face wich smiles rareli..i m in luv wid mah  bicycle on wich i spend mah whole childhood   to mah two wheelers which i explicitly park eveywhere..i m in luv wid d bathroom i usualli fight for while goin to school to d cubicles which i don wanna enter…i m in luv wid everi crystal  of my home..

i think ol dese crystal had a grudge against me…dey ask me y i ditched dem…n dey too consider me as a chameleon…who had changd its color n will never arrive in d previous 1…i wont believ dat luv is in d air d atoms i m surrounded by does nt produce dis,every tim i took d air in, my every nerve wait 4 d same luv to absorb,but dey wont get,i think if they wud ever get deficient of it,where will i go??  d initial atoms  won’t believe me dis time i guess… d heart  dis tim which onli circulates blood,may double up d platelets but d luv graph move down to quarter…..

i m in a search 4 d medicine which can cover up dis deficiency i guess  its under construction..whenever i find d key to love someone changes d lock……may be one who requires  more dan are too in d list of d god…..


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