why i don’t inherit mah mom’s beauty??

My life is an unread book..

as it starts and ends onli at mah looks….

though it need to be drap in the veil

so why it matters me for being pale….

may be for mah famíly’s sake ..

or d taunt of people which i find so fake..

i felt as the rusted metal..

which needs to be tarnished..

or the shattered petal which can be garnished..

i m abdicated from mah duty…

as i don’t inherit mah mom’s beauty??

i havn’t give up yet …

as am waitin for this sun to set….

i still have an aspire..

for the arising sun to have my desire…

and i need to overcome the hidden asperity…

for the nature to arise purity…as i do inherit mah mom’s integrity……

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