Embrace the art of being an average!!

Pyar me junoon hai,dosti me sukoon hai(lines from stereotypical bollywood drama), so the sukoon which writer mentions in dosti is the same which i am talking about or generally talks about.

It’s okay to be an average or not to have a plan. Eventually,  plans once executed may not appear the same as itinerary.

It’s okay if you look into a mirror and see contentment in your eyes.

It’s okay not be on top until and unless you are not repressed.

Life of an impatient average who wants to go to ground is like –

when one hops on the elevator which is moving up in hope that eventually it will reach their destination too. So,Its like one has to keep going rather than standing still.

But it’s okay not to have your brows wrinkled. Lately you will end somewhere where it’s meant to be,all you need is groin and a grin.

So, the pros of this art is that you can mould the best in your way and never put “the best is yet to come” on social media. And the cons umm?? i can’t figure it out yet.

I  never have had a plan this year rather than a New year Goa plan which is  not happening so i will figure a way to mould my resentment into something positive.

All i can plan is the shopping list for next sale. I think i have figured out the cons of being an average and it din’t take long;)

Psychology of INDIAN Males.

Since I write quite often about males, people think that I am quite cynic about them. And somehow my fans (yeah!they do exist) have been liking the truth, actually the very truth which I write about them. So, one of my fan suggested me to write the psychology which I find is true about males. Let’s start with the kind of males I meet or get to see in the entire day of mine and let you decide the psychology.

morning:  Autowallahs generally con me and let me get down from the auto a bit prior to my destination, without mentioning his way, when I board the auto. He would be badly sweating and asking everyone to adjust so that maximum number of people can fit in. He will ask males to accompany him on his seat, ignoring his and other sizes.

While commuting through auto, I get to see males ignoring the world around in formal wears with earphones, sometimes listening to music or their girlfriends. I should not forget the traffic policemen standing in extreme sun (without umbrella/sunglasses/scarfs) and making people understand the way by pantomime. Also the males sleeping on the bus stop, may be due to the last night hangover or the dominance of his wife, who did not let him in the house. Oh! how can I forget the bus drivers, who drives so passionately like a kid skating in the verandah of his home, oblivion of the world around, as they won’t stop for more than a second on the bus stop.

noon: Till noon when mostly girls get fed up with the work and starts going through shopping portals, the guys seem to be working so hard in my team. And in the fraction of a second they try to solve the issue anyone might be going through.
While going through newspaper, at one page I read the assault done not only to women but to the men too and on the next, I read about the PM of our country, deliberately improving bilateral relationship with other countries.

evening: And again the time comes to face the male dominance. While departing, majorly I could see guys on bikes with their female pillion passenger, this scene i see rarely in the morning. May be because evenings are more pleasant and romantic.

night: i must not forget my buildings guard uncle, who make sure about every girl coming on time.

So, it’s the time to conclude the psychology, which I still find difficult to write. Because this conclusion includes all the males ie my father,brothers,friends and uncles. At the back of my mind, I always remember the affection, security and love they bestow on me.

Henceforth, it is a mind boggling task. Kindly conclude yourself;)

Add Chennai beaches to your itinerary..


I just love mermaids. I was a mermaid in my past life. I just feel it when I go in the sea. I just feel a connection there between me, water and the fish. They speak to me and the shells they ring out to me.

These lines I read years back and now after few visits to beaches I feel as if these lines are written for me. The violent waves coming your way would initially scare you, but when touches soothes you the maximum rolling down all your worries to a zilch. Being a NORTH-INDIAN where you cannot feel the ecstasy of the sea but you must have cram the geography books and saw the COROMANDEL COAST in the maps but witnessing it was a dream for me.

CHENNAI has exuberant, exemplary, enticing and beautiful beaches. It actually takes your heart away be it Marina, Covelong, Elliot, Golden or Olive beach. Although there are numerous other beaches but the affection you take back home is the same. Moreover, the pungent smell remains consistent in the air around but I wonder these waves have a power to casts a spell on people and take them in their action.

Every beach has a story like BESANT NAGAR BEACH, named after the theosophist Annie Besant. Also known as Elliot’s beach named after EDWARD ELLIOT, governor of CHENNAI. Another is Covelong beach, where you may get out of your senses due to the nasty air, it was a port town long time ago and was destroyed by British. The Dutch built a fort there during the colonial times, which today has been made the Taj Fishermen Cove, a private luxury beach resort. History apart, you may witness the actual coast tradition on this beach where a temple is located. Males wearing lungi and females in sari most of them holding her kid on her waist(like typical adorable INDIAN mothers) murmuring religious verses with closed eyes and vermillion on the forehead. Everywhere in INDIA belief is common just the God and people varies. The water, sand and salt everywhere around with adorable couples at a few steps adds a life to the water and acts as an icing on the cake. The remaining bachelor and bachelorette splashing water and howling madly making it a perfect amusement spot.

Sometimes it seems like what the waves are upto?

It comes so violently and end up losing the power at the shore. Subsequently, with the same ferociousness and positivity it arrives every time to achieve something.


does it comes back to the shore due to the failed endeavors?

Probably,we humans must learn from the sea and work till we achieve our passion and at the same time enjoy. Because you never know for how long you and the sea will exist.

So, add BEACHES to your itinerary and rejuvenate the inner you!!!!


It’s too Corporate to co-Operate

It seems less than a moment on realizing how far the time has taken you.From the college classroom to the office cubicle where everything changes except your attitude.From the college registers to the desktop  which inadvertently has become a part of your life. On turning your head around,  you could find eyes glaring on their systems not nervous, digestive or reproductive but obviously computer systems with something in their heart which was addressed as ambition few years back.One actually miss all the crap of college but that doesn’t mean life has ended on a serious note.

Cheers!! three years to you…

It’s been three years I have been blogging and it seems like yesterday to me. People are quite cynic about blogs and especially if one doesn’t earn from it.


But it’s true, bloggers do create an identity in this world or in some other world like me where my die-hard fans anxiously wait for my updates.;)))

But I probably cherish these three years of blogging. Although I have not entirely devoted my days to this. Infact for the past six months I was completely inactive but I am back with my blog this time to celebrate many more years of blogging.

When writing becomes a part of your life it’s impossible to get rid of it. Eventually,I don’t get time to blog as per the increasing age of my blog.But I still try to configure the maximum out of this.


This picture displays the reality where sometimes you doesn’t want it and simultaneously cannot get rid of the vicious circle of blogging . Working in a software company is making my dictionary lack of words because somehow it teaches you an expression of programming. Glaring your puckish eyes all day on the computer makes you do the things like the fellow below.


I would end this by saying..

happy birthday my blog . Many more years and power to you. Hope everyone fells in love with you after reading.

keep blogging…!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Males please keep your crap,the world has it’s own..

I mostly wonder

What Indian males are up to?imagesEDFJH25M

Do they think the respective opposite sex will hoover after them when they are done with their work?


Do they think this entire world is the restroom for performing their work?

VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM is a Sanskrit phrase which means “The whole world is one family” which is absolutely misunderstood by males.Please let them know this family is an exception which may not compromise with your art anyhow.This family members may not love you and can degrade you at any level/time.

But males are an exceptional case for this,they have been treated like kings from very long and there work is getting ignored since then.The work I have been talking about since long is the males initiative to cover the drought prone areas.They pee in every nook and corner of our horizon where they feel like embarrassing every female near-by.

This country can go nowhere with their phlegm and snot around and keep resonating in scenario till eternity.I know this will cut-down half of my male visitors because rarely people are allowed to point out their ego.Media have been continuously mentioning about rapes and subjugation done by men but the basin truth have been rarely showcased.

It’s true that our country government does not provide public restrooms,if they do then rooms are not in a condition to use. However, you will end up getting disappointed.But still our country is not that degraded where the majority is making a way for it.The only thing authorities can do is to provide paid restrooms for public so that they can be maintained and obviously we are not going to pay a tax for this too.But there are people who are reluctant to pay due to few bucks earning,for this awareness and literacy is mandatory.

I already knew these few words may make no difference and probably no one will look a way for this like males don’t before spitting the crap out. So,males please stop embarrassing the so called family of yours where no one will compromise ending their lives with your act.


how long about we girls have to be ignorant before start experiencing the bliss?

Trophies, "And this one's my wife."

p.s.I know some males don’t, but a majority is still left…

Six Months Of My Blog’s celibacy..


It would be a nightmare for a blogger whether professional or like me(I don’t know whether any other category of bloggers exist in this world) for not updating his/her blog for the past six months.

Unfortunately,my nightmare came to reality because in the last six months I use to visit my blog like any of my least frequent visitor.

Although in such an exaggerated world of blogging where my blog is almost oblivion, values me the maximum.

I started working with a software company which intentionally occupied me with some tests and many more attempts of those same tests. Consequently , it was difficult to write for me as I was surrounded by classes , constructors , interface and assorted tiers of the JAVA. It was like Miss Pandora opened her box and strike on me with JAVA, in the scenario when my general awareness with this word was restricted to the island of Indonesia.


From the past six months experience of JAVA, I concluded that JAVA developers or the so called engineers like me who deals with JAVA or the people who think JAVA has a good scope and conclusively studies JAVA are the most depressed people.


I can actually configure JAVA affected people because their class of life doesn’t implements the ENJOYMENT interface or may be the interface does not have the by default abstract method of coolness or may be the constructor in the class of life has parameterized constructor and inadvertently it’s instance variable is initialized as “DEPRESSED”.JAVA affected people gets an adrenaline rush of JAVA and intoxicates every article with this word.

Anyhow my training completes with a happy ending actually beginning on the other part.

WALTZ WHITSMAN truly said..

the embers of earlier fires shall duly flame again…

With this my blog is back, my fans in some other universe{because I don’t find them here} would be restless, dying and anxiously waiting for my updates and I am absolutely happy with this.


KEEP BLOGGINGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!